Customize your plates for Easter (New)

Give your table a festive touch for Easter, with the new Porcelain 1507 colours

Follow the step-by-step

Difficulty level: **
 Completion time: 1 hour
 Drying time: 15 min.


  • Porcelaine 150:
    Powder blue REF 024122
    Powder taupe REF 024124
    Powder pink REF 024121
  • 1 Fine brush
  • 2 plates in 2 different sizes

Easter plates

Step 4

Draw a line up each leaf using P150 colour no. 124

step 1

Using a fine brush, make a stem with P150 paint no. 122


On each stem, add a leaf on each side


Repeat the pattern by alternating upward-facing and downward-facing leaves


Add pink dots on both sides with P150 no. 121


Your creation is complete